Bill Fukner driving N°4

1980 to 1981 on the Talyllyn Railway

Dad's last season on the Talyllyn
Bill on his last season of driving in 1981.
N°4 takes on water at Dolgoch Station.
Taking on water at Dolgoch Station, fireman centre and Don Southgate right.
Happy moments never forgotten
Happy memories of firing for Dad.
Bill Faulkner drives N°4 back to Wharf station 1981
Bill running back into Wharf Station on N°4 autumn 1981.
(Photo : Martin Lester).
Bill Faulners last driving trip on the Talyllyn Railway 30th December 1981
Bill's last driving trip 30th December 1981. (Photo - Bob Cambridge).
This photo was taken just a few weeks before he passed away on the 18th of January 1982.
Doing what he loved most, right to the end!
The photo has been in the loco office for many years now and some of the colours have faded but Martin Lester very kindly scanned the picture along with the label on the reverse of the frame that gives details of the train. The only thing missing is the name of the Cleaner who was traveling as third man. That was Martin. As he says "Just proves that Cleaners are invisible"!
Reverse side of the photo of Bill Faulkner's last driving trip on the Talyllyn Railway
Text on the reverse side of the photo.
(Many thanks to Martin Lester and Mike Davies for this photo which I had never seen before.
It's very heartwarming to know that Bill hasn't been forgotten).
Martin Lester also had the following anecdote to tell :
I don't remember much about this particular trip as it's significance only became apparent later but I do remember another trip I had as third man with your Father. We were coming down on No4 one day when your Father stopped next to a farm gate at the Tywyn end of the Fach Goch straight. He handed me a basket saying 'go on son, over the fence. I want some mushrooms for my breakfast tomorrow!
Bill Faulkner's pipe
Bill Faulkner passed away January 18th 1982 unfortunately I don't seem to have many photos of his
last season on the T.R. I would greatly appreciate any contributions from visitors to this site.
Many thanks, Ian Faulkner.

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