Bill Faulkner driving N°4 Edward Thomas

The 1960's on the Talyllyn Railway

Ian Faulkner Wharf Station 1961
Myself (Ian Faulkner) Wharf 1961.
(I still have my cap although I'm afraid it is now too small for me!)
Checking newly relaid track Rhydronen 1962
Left to right, Bill Faulkner, Lord Northesk, Hugh Jones and John Bate.
(Photo John Adams 1962)
Talyllyn staff from the early sixties
Staff circa 1963
Publicity photo 1964
Myself and my father Bill on the occasion of a photo shoot for a publicity campaign.
(Photo : British Travel Association 1964)

Publicity photo 1964 Dlgoch Station

Wharf Station 1964
Bill with Dai Jones Wharf 1964.
Dai Jones with N°6 Douglas
Dai Jones at Pendre with N°6.
I have great memories of firing for Dai on N°6, he was always very calm and composed.
It's difficult to imagine that back in the sixties as a 14 year old teenager he would trust me
to operate the only braking system on a full passenger train when running back down the
cutting into Wharf Station. No steam brake at all, no continuous braking, just a handbrake
on the fireman's side of the locomotive. On a wet day one had to be especially careful.
I remember feeling somewhat crestfallen when having been over cautious Dai had to ease
open the regulator to get us the last few yards to the buffer stops!
Of course there were other complications at that time such as sticking clack valves,
temperamental injectors and extremely dusty coal or should I rather say “slack"!


Dolgoch at Pendre early sixties
Bill oiling Dolgoch whilst Jim Noble inspects my cleaning work. (Pendre early 1960's).
Bryneglwys Quarry
The managers house, Bryneglwys mid 1960's
Ruins Bryneglwys Quarry
Looking down towards the cutting sheds from the ruins
of the winding house, Bryneglwys mid 1960's
More ruins Bryneglwys Quarry
More ruins, Bryneglwys mid 1960's
Bill Faulkner on the footplate of N°4 at Dolgoch
Bill & N°4 Dolgoch station 1968 (Photo : Rimmer)
I have fond memories of firing for my Father on N°4. One had to be on ones toes when
working the train. We didn't need to speak a great deal as a nod or a wink was enough
to say "your doing fine" or a word of advice if he felt that we needed more or less steam.
He knew "his engine" by heart and I can still see him in my mind's eye gently easing the
regulator open to pull out of Rhydyronen Station on a wet day with minimum of wheel slip
even with a heavy train.
Another vivid memory is of the run back down the line on the last train of the day, clattering
down Cynfal straight after a long hot day with cool air finally streaming into the cab, sitting on
the fold down seats, just looking across at each other, a smile and a wink said it all!


1970's on the Talyllyn Railway
1970's on the Talyllyn

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