Bill Faulkner driving N°4 Edward Thomas

The 1950's on the Talyllyn Railway

Bill Faulkner working on the track at Brynglas 1951
Re-keying at Brynglas 1951
Talyllyn Railway Preservation Society Crest
No armorial device was displayed in the days of the original company but in the middle 1950's a neat garter transfer designed by Bill Faulkner, based on originals found on some of the old company's literature, made its appearance on locos and coaches and was permanently adopted.
Talyllyn Railway - First Preservation Society train arrives at Abegynolwyn - Whit Monday 1951
Arrival of the first Preservation Society train at Abergynolwyn station Whit Monday May 1951
(My mother Peggy Faulkner with my sister Diana in front of N°2).
Bill Faulkner and John Snell Abergynolwyn Station 1951
Bill & John Snell with Dolgoch at Abergynolwyn station September 1951.
Talyllyn (N°1) hauls a train through overgrown track - Pendre 1951
Talyllyn hauls a period train through Pendre in 1951.

The expert in Talyllyn history may well think that I have made an error in dating the above photo as being taken in 1951. It is a well documented fact that Talyllyn's last trip was made in 1946 when she was called out of retirement in a parlous, if not to say dangerous state to rescue the newly overhauled Dolgoch. This photo however was "posed" with John Snell "driving" Talyllyn who had been pushed up the yard for what must be the first "photographic special" on record!
(My thanks to John Bate for clearing up what for me was a mystery).

N° 3 and N° 4 waiting to be taken to Pendre workshops (Wharf Station 1951)
Arrival of the two Corris engines at Wharf (1951).
The original Wharf Station building 1952
Tom Rolt's venerable Alvis parked in front of Wharf station June 1952.
Caravan siding Brynglas 1952
Goods Train leaving "Caravan Siding", Brynglas June 1952.
We spent most of our week-ends and holidays in our little caravan which was
eventually moved to Tunadines Caravan Park where David Woodhouse
would come to "babysit" my sister and myself.
Bill driving a double header 1953
Bill driving Dolgoch on a double header with Edward Thomas, August 1953.
Note the Fire Ciment which had to be used to render the smokebox airtight. (Photo : J. Snell).


Peggy, Diana and Ian Faulkner Dolgoch Station 1953
My mother Peggy, sister Diana and myself in front of N°4 at Dolgoch 1953
Newspaper cutting 1953 "Douglas"
Presentation of "Douglas" to the T.R. 1953 Click to enlarge.
Newspaper cutting - Herald of Wales 30th May 1953
Herald of Wales 30th May 1953 Click to enlarge.
Newspaper cutting - Birmingham Weekly Post 2nd July 1954 30th May 1953
Birmingham Weekly Post 2nd July 1954 Click to enlarge.
Ken Marrian Wharf Staion Talyllyn Railway 1954
Ken Marrian issues tickets at Wharf Station 1954.
Bill and Ian Faulkner Wharf Station Towyn (Tywyn) August 1954
"Thanking the driver". Bill and myself pose for the "Sunday Graphic" August 1954
Lord and Lady Northesk Pendre 1954
Lord and Lady Northesk at Pendre August 1954 (Bill in the background).
Diana, Ian and Peggy Faulkner - Brynglas
Left to right my sister Diana, myself and mother, Peggy Faulkner on the "trolley" at Brynglas where we had our caravan next to the track and where we spent most weekends and holidays.
Peggy Faulkner's "Awful van".
I only once remember our Mother Peggy Faulkner revolting concerning things "Talyllyn.
That was when Bill bought her "That awful van" so that she could pick up parts for the T.R.
in the Midlands and transport them to Towyn! For once she got her own way and Bill duly bought
her a smaller and more feminine A35 Countryman.
N° 7 on the Talyllyn turned around by Hugh and Dai Jones
February 1956. Hugh and Dai Jones turn N°7. (She only had one low reverse gear so this was a necessary operation before making the return trip back down the line).
N° 1 Talyllyn before restoration
View from the footplate of N°1 Talyllyn before departure from the barn at Pendre for rebuilding.
Photo : Geoffrey D. Braithwaite 1956.

Whilst Talyllyn was peacefully sleeping in the barn awaiting rebuilding, one of my favorite pastimes as a six year old child was climbing onto her footplate and playing at driving to Abergynolwyn and back whilst my father Bill Faulkner worked on the other locomotives in the workshop. Although very young at the time I remember vividly all the details of the cab, to the taper pin on a chain to hold the regulater in the closed position, to the brass Salters safety valves. One thing remained a mystery to me for some years; how did the chickens manage to lay eggs in her closed sandbox? I only realised some years later that William Jones used the sandbox as a temporary store for his chicken's eggs!

Bill Faulkner with William Jones - hedgecutter
William Jones who worked on the TR from 1953 to 1961.

A view of N° 1 Talyllyn in the Barn

Bill Faulkner with Lord Northesk
On 22 May 1957 the BBC produced a live outside broadcast from the railway, Bill chats with Lord Northesk.
Glynn Valley Tramway carraige before restoration
Bill Faulkner with John Wilkins inspecting the Glynn Valley carriage August 1957.
Talyllyn's frames undergoing restoration at Gibbons Brothers Limited
Photo : Front cover Talyllyn News March 1958.
Newspaper cutting Evening Despatch June 11th 1958 Talyllyn rebuilt
Evening Despatch June 11th 1958
Birmingham Post June 1958 Talyllyn ready to get back in service on the Talyllyn Railway
Birmingham Post June 1958
Just after N° 1 Talyllyn's rebuild
Talyllyn gleaming brightly after her rebuild in 1958.
Bill and Herbert Jones at Abergynolwyn 1958 (Rebuilders Special).
Bill and Herbert Jones at Abergynolwyn 1958 (Rebuilders Special).
Talyllyn tea-pot stand Early Railway Shop souvenir
Talyllyn tea-pot stand, one of the early products on sale in the Railway shop.

1955 Talyllyn Railway film

Click here to view a British Pathé short film featuring N° 4 "Edward Thomas", Driver Bill Faulkner and Fireman George Walker.




1960's on the Talyllyn Railway
1960's on the Talyllyn

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